Water meter box stainless steel M-21(reinforced)

Water meter box stainless steel M-21(reinforced_

Outer box 455W X 310H
Materials- Stainless steel type 14, 1.2T, lagging 10mm within (general type)
Materials- Stainless steel type 27, 1.2T, lagging 10mm within (lagging)
inner box Size - 455 X 297mm, thickness 150L
Materials - Materials – Plastics (copren), Styrofoam
Meter range Can use 13~32Φ
Feature The 'New Watermeter Box(Reinforced)' complemented the existing product(M-20 general) with thicker thickness and 'X-shape pattern' on the surface.This prevents the product damage from the external pressure like concrete.