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Vacuum Anti-floating Cover M-6

Vacuum Anti-floating Cover M-6

Feature 1
 A cover working as a fixing device inside the water meter box prevents insulated styrofoam from floating.

Feature 2
 Freezing and bursting can be prevented significantly by stopping leakage of terrestrial heat formed underground in winter.

Invention patent: No. 10-1128268

  A water meter is installed to measure water consumption. Water meter box is installed in the ground to prevent freeze and burst in winter. Generally, it has an insulated styrofoam inside. When rainwater or ground water flows into the box in large quantities during the rainy season, the buoyancy causes the insulated styrofoam to rise above the box.

In this case, the insulated styrofoam and cover itself are lost and the inside of the product is contaminated. Thus, the insulated styrofoam is washed out to the river and causes environmental pollution.

Meanwhile, the insulated styrofoam doesn’t float and it isn’t lost because MIRAE Industry’s vacuum anti-floating cover(M-6) prevents the floating of internal insulated styrofoam when rainwater or underground water flows into.Vacuum anti-floating cover also prevents the inflow of earth and sand and insects into the box, and always keeps the inside of the water meter box clean.

Vacuum cover for preventing floating

Diameter(Φ) Height of Product (mm)
Φ13 600,800,1100
Φ20 600,800,1100
Φ25 600,800,1100
Φ32 600,800,1100
Φ40 800,1100
Φ50 800,1100


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