Stench blocker trap A-2

Stench blocker trap A-2

Block bad smell from catch basin


  Catch Basins in street market or traditional market tends to cause the odor from various pollutants and easily become habitants of diverse harmful insects.

  This product was designed to solve these problems. It can prevent the odor and storm water back flows and completely block movements and inhabitation of harmful insects.

Invention patent: No. 0454999

Stench Blocker Trap
 As the lower body has a rubber cover that is opened when there is water influx and is closed otherwise, completely blocking stench caused by polluted storm water and preventing mice or harmful insects from entering.

Product name Stench Blocker Trap
Material PP(Kopelen)
Size 18⅞"(w) X 15⅜"(L)
Height 11"
* Products of same size are compatible with existing street inlet products.