Replacer for Frost Proof Hydrant M-2

Replacer for Frost Proof Hydrant M-2

Make replacement of Frost proof yard hydrant easy and fast


Feature 1
Leaking frost proof yard hydrants which are aging and broken can be separated from binding pipes by loosening nuts, so they can be replaced easily.

Feature 2
Additional costs for reconstruction won't be occurred with this product.

Feature 3
Water can be withdrawn smoothly without laying pebbles and sand because troubles caused by back flows can be prevented totally by using this product.

Patent application: No.10-0831***

Frost proof yard hydrants are widely used in various places needing water supply, such as houses, gardens and parks.

However, Existing Frost proof yard hydrants has watertight rubber packing and it can be damaged after long use, requiring replacement.

To replace a frost proof yard hydrant, Users had to dig in the ground again, then it damage facilities around the water supply unit causing time and physical costs. With this product, the Frost proof yard hydrant can be replaced with new one so simply by loosening a nut.

Hydrant length
Overall length
after assembling
Buried length
(except binding nut)
1,000 1,060 630
1,200 1,260 830
1,500 1,560 1,070

Connecting water pipe diameter: 13Φ (Same for all)
Material: PP(Kopelen), ABS resin, Stainless(Type 304-27)

1Q&A Why is a replacer for frost proof hydrant necessary?

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