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Insulated Yard hydrant (New) M-1

Insulated Yard hydrant (New) M-1

Upgraded heating material, Solve problem of water withdrawal !

Use water in winter without worries of pipe breakdown


Heat insulation of piping
The compressed EPP materials, inside the hydrant is installed to prevent freezing in case of a sudden change in the weather or the user inadvertently misses the timing of the water drain.

Drainage Method using Urethane Elasticity
Most of the Yard hydrant on the market use springs(less elastic) for water drain. This structure is caused by soil trapped in the spring, preventing internal parts from operating and causing leaks. However, this product uses highly elastic urethane materials to facilitate water drainage and can be used permanently without any breakdown.

water-back flow-proof filter
Water back flow proof filter is built into the bottom of the product to prevent the contaminated water from flowing back again. And completely resolved problem that the soil has accumulated in the inside drain parts.

cold shut-off tube
The existing yard hydrant is manufactured from iron materials with high cold conductivity. In winter, cold air enters deep into the ground in winter with faucets and piping to freeze water supply and floating power, but this product is filled with low cold conductivity profile material between metal and metal to prevent cold air from being transferred to inside tubes, which prevents cold from being transferred to inside.

Temporary storage of drainage water
The product in market, drainage part usually exposed to the outside and buried in the ground wiht the soil. At this time, soil enters the water outlet and accumulates in major parts, causing the breakdown.A backflow of contaminated water makes it unfit for drinking water. To solve these problems, this product has a temporary storage of drainage water inside. The water drain is not directly closed to the mud, so the failure of the anti-freeze warfare and water pollution caused by the backflow of the water has been completely resolved.

two way outlet
The outlets are both side-to-side and can be used simultaneously in one direction or both, and can also be replaced with a faucet that the consumer wants.

In the winter, the conventional yard hydrant often damaged by user carelessness or product defects, resulting in huge replacement costs and a leak of tap water that wastes our precious water resources every year.

To solve this problem, our future industry has been undergoing constant research and development.

The product was designed to fully address winter solstice concerns and made it easier to use tap water in winter.

Excellent in water quality protection
Most parts, such as internal tubing and valves, are made of stainless 304 for permanent use without corrosion.

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