Height adjustable catch basin M-44

Height adjustable catch basin M-44


 The outer surface of Riser has furrows and hoops, so height can be controlled instantly at 2" intervals from 26" to 37 13/16".

 The round body promotes durability to endure deformation and damage caused by earth pressure.

 As the upper and lower parts of the body can rotate 360° separately, the position of drainage pipes and the angle of surface can be fixed correctly.

 The streamlined upper part of catch basin promotes flow of rain water and prevents leaves from being piled up.

 Uneven parts of edges of the upper part prevent the brims from being separated to outside of the body.

Patent application: No. 10-0662666

Materials PP(Kopelen), Steel Grating
Height Can be controlled from 26" to 37 13/16"
Inlet Outlet Used after punching 315/16"~ 1113/16" at the site

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