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Eccentric Slider Drain M-8

Eccentric Slider Drain M-8

Feature 1
 The lower part of body has swellings for fixing it and the support has swelling furrows, so the body can be fixed easily and fault construction caused by twisted or swollen lower body can be prevented.

 As the stainless steel plate of upper part can be moved to right and left, construction can be done properly according to situations of the construction site.

Invention patent, utility model, design registration

Pipe Size 2", 215/16", 315/16"
Product Height 4 ¾", 55/16", 515/16"
Materials Upper part : Stainless steel· ABS resins
Lower part : PP(Kopelen)
Upper Plate 7⅞"(W)X 7⅞"(L)

Product Video

Case Study