Balcony Drain (Floor) M-30

Balcony Drain (Floor) M-30

 With existing products, workers had to fix the lower part of body using steel wires or baked steel wires to prevent it from being separated. With this product equipped with a hook fixing the body, problems of the body being twisted or swollen after fixing have been solved completely.

 With existing products, pipes and adjusting rings were swollen together while fixing PVC pipes. In this case, connection cracks were formed as adjusting rings were swollen and crack gaps were shaking unstably.
 The adjusting ring of this product is designed to adjust just PVC pipes upward and downward as it is fixed in the upper plate, so no connection cracks are formed after fixing and there is no shaking enabling strong and precise construction.

 As the upper part of vortex has furrows and the sewage plate has swellings, the sewage plate isn’t separated while connecting hoses of washing machines.

Invention patent, utility model, design registration

Diameter 215/16", 315/16"
height ½", 55/16", 515/16", 71/16", 711/16", 8¼"
Materials Upper part – Stainless steel /
Lower part – PP(Kopelen)
Stainless Steel Plate 7⅞"X 1113/16"
Options Finishing cap, 3cm ring